Saves upto 30% electric bill on
Air-Conditioner or Heater

“Water Proofing with Heat Insulation”

SOLÖGUARD is a two part unique heat insulating and waterproofing product specially developed to meet the Indian climatic conditions. It is formulated by using High-tech minerals and filler raw materials and weather stable acrylic binder. It eliminates the heat stress and water percolation problems of buildings walls and roof. It minimizes the heat transfer through it, thus reduces building maintenance cost and running cost of air conditioning. SOLÖGUARD is more effective in performance then conventional heat insulation & waterproofing products available in the market.


AQUATHERM-HW is used for waterproofing and heat insulating properties to building envelopes like Industrial factory roofing, concrete, building roofs, terraces, electronic exchange building roofs, cold storages, asbestoses, exterior walls, metal, wood and other surfaces.

Heat insulation property keeps building cool in hot season and warm in cold season.
Waterproofing properties keeps building waterproof in monsoon.
Save electric energy of air conditioning up to 30%.
It is vibration resistant. Will not crack due to minor movements in the building envelopes.
Outstanding elongation properties.
Excellent adhesion bonds tenaciously to porous as well as sound surfaces and metal, wood, bitumen, epoxy and PU also.
UV resistant that keeps building’s aesthetic appearance for longer time.
High durable, retains properties in climatic extremes.
Easy to apply.

Add Part B (powder) 4 part by volume in to Part A (liquid) 1 part by volume slowly and add 2 part water to mix manually until a homogenous slurry without any lumps is obtained. The consistency for the mixture should enable to give a good and smooth application by brush.

Sologuard is a two pack system flowing materials, which consist of water based high solids elastomeric Acrylic Co-Polymer resin in Part-A, and reinforcing fillers and proprietary thermal insulators materials in Part-B.

Sologuard is available in 35 Kgs. dual Pack.