Aqua-Fiber Cloth / Mesh

“Make Your Water Proofing
more Durable & Economic”

Aqua-Fiber Cloth is a randomly arranged resin coated nonvoven fiber cloth or Mesh which is used as an intermediate reinforcing layer to “Fullstop” Water proofing system, it protects coatings from cracks, and help to make uniform reinforced monolithic coating which ensures 100 % effective water proofing.

aqua fibre cloth

• old or new terraces,
• water proofing on IPS or B.B.C.
• where Substrate is not strong & require 100% water proofing.

 Aqua-Fiber Cloth improves coatings’ life more durable. –Very Economic.
It does not allow coating to break due to heavy vibration or general expansion.
When only latex coating is applied to the Porous substrate i.e. B.B.C., IPS, after some period of time there are some chances of crack formation in layers which occurs from substrate it self.Aqua-Fiber Cloth protect cracks formation in layers thus makes application 100% Successful.


After surface preparation apply Primer coat of Fullstop, dip the Aqua-fiber cloth in water than install immediately on tacky surface. Rub the surface with gloved hand to remove air bubbles, Apply immediately 2nd main coat of “Fullstop”, if require or surface is too old apply 3rd main coat of “Fullstop”

Aqua Fiber cloth is available as continuous 2000 sq.ft./ 5000 sq.ft. / 25000 sq.ft. roll in width of 2 to 3 ft in black color & 3 to 4 ft. in white color.