“Flexible Heat Insulation &
Water Proof Coating”

AQUATHERM-HW is a single component; water based high solids, elastomeric, acrylic copolymer coating with specially blended insulating minerals used by NASA in their space shuttle technology. It is an advanced technology used for both as waterproofing and thermal insulating membrane. After an application of AQUA-THERM-HW, it becomes a waterproof, elastomeric seal in the form of monolithic uniform membrane, which protects from UV rays & aging and does not allow the heat flux transmission. Saves Electric energy Of Air-Conditioning Up To 30 %.

aqua therm hw

AQUATHERM-HW is used for waterproofing and heat insulating properties to building envelopes like Industrial factory roofing, concrete, building roofs, terraces, electronic exchange building roofs, cold storages, asbestoses, exterior walls, metal, wood and other surfaces.

Heat insulation property keeps building cool in hot season and warm in cold season.
Waterproofing properties keeps building waterproof in monsoon.
Save electric energy of air conditioning up to 30%.
It is tremor resistant. Will not crack due to minor movements in the building structures.
Outstanding elongation properties.
Excellent adhesion bonds tenaciously to porous as well as sound surfaces and metal, wood, bitumen, epoxy and PU also.
UV resistant that keeps building’s aesthetic appearance for longer time.
High durable, retains properties in climatic extremes.
Easy to apply.

Primer coat is required if the surface is too old. Mix AQUATHERM-HW in the volume of 1:1 with water and apply single coat by brush and allow it to dry for
2 to 3 hours prior to application of main coat of AQUATHERM-HW. For main coat mix the content of the pack with it’s own container by stirring with the help of woolen stick for homogeneous free flowing paste consistency. Apply the primer coat by brush, roller or spray in order to plug the pores and crakes. Allow the coating to dry for at least 2 to 3 hours before applying main coat. If required, additional coat may be applied.

AQUATHERM-HW is a white colored pasty consistency and flowing materials, which consist of water based high solids elastomeric acrylic copolymers, reinforcing fillers and proprietary thermal insulators materials.

AQUATHERM-HW is packaged in 20 Ltr. / 50 Ltr. Pack.