“Stop Leakages in seconds”

AQUA PLUG is a specially designed, fast-setting, non-shrink, high-bond-strength, hydraulic cement compound for concrete patching and repair. AQUA PLUG stops flowing water in seconds and is used to seal cracks, tie holes, and other defects in concrete. The high performance characteristics of AQUA PLUG are enhanced by Aquatherm’s unique crystalline waterproofing technology.

aqua plus

• Stopping an active flow of water through cracks
• Repair of concrete substrates before the application of Aquatherm’s coating materials

Single component (simply add water).
Fast setting: around three minutes at 21ºC (water temperature will also directly affect set time).
Excellent structural strength.
As durable as the masonry and concrete to which it is applied.
Non-metallic (won’t rust or deteriorate).

Add 1 part water to 3.5 parts Aqua-Plug by volume and mix to the consistency of a stiff putty. Do not mix more than can be used in 3 minutes. For best results, water temperature should be approximately 15ºC – 20ºC. Note: When using Aquatherm Polymix for increased bonding and compressive strength, blend Polymix with water, generally at a ratio in the range of one part polymix- 10 parts water. Then mix 1 part liquid with 3.5 parts AQUA PLUG by volume. Patch it to the substrate require stop leaking. (Application for nagative side require more skill & Appropriate surface preparation, Pl; ask for more details in this sense.

AQUA PLUG is available in 5 / 10 / 20 Kgs.