Saves upto 30% electric bill on
Air-Conditioner or Heater

“Make your Paints & Coatings Insulate”

INSULATOR-PLUS is a unique blend of ceramic micro sphere & Proprietary mineral used for additive to make any paints, Coatings & cement based mortar to make insulative membrane for exterior as well as interior surfaces. This technology is used by ‘NASA’ In space shuttle.When these INSULATOR-PLUS are combined with other materials they improve the thermal resistance and reduce sound transfer of those materials. For instance, the ceramic tiles on the space shuttle fuselage use ceramic, degassed micro spheres to control heat and reduce material expansion. In a bulk state, the additive looks like talcum powder. Being inert it mixes in easily to any type of paint, coating, adhesive, masonry or drywall finishes. You can add INSULATOR-PLUS to practically anything that needs an insulating, soundproofing enhancement.


The new applications for INSULATOR-PLUS are being constantly discovered. Ease of use and effective results means that Insulator-Plus can be used where other methods of insulation can not. When added to the appropriate coating, Insulator will provide effective insulation in summer and winter on.

  • Make any paint or coating insulate.
  • Any Coatings used in:Homes, Offices, Supermarkets, And Farm Buildings, Industrial Plant Such As Oil Storage And Metal Shipping Containers.
  • Walls (Interiors, And Exteriors), Ceiling, Floors, Roofs, Metal Wall Clading, Hot Air Ducts Pipes
Heat & Cold resistant up to 30 % thus saves energy money.
Increase the fire-resistance properties of surface.
When added to the materials they act as barriers to noise and heat/cold
(thermal insulation).

Insulator Plus can be mixed with virtually all commonly used coatings. Gradually stir it in to the choosen coating. Pour 5 litres of paint in to a 10 litre bucket. Gradually add one 550 grams Pack of Insulator –Plus to the 5 litre of paint and stir thoroughly. For best results 2 coats of paint is recommended to insure that you have an even distribution of the insulating ceramic beads. Insulator Plus gives a mild textured feel and produces a flat finish, but does not alter the color of the paint. For a high gloss or silky finish, apply 2 under coats containing Insulator Plus, before applying the final coat without insulator Plus. To maintain the insulation qualities of a Previously treated surface, just add Insulator Plus when repainting.

Insulator Plus is available in packing of 550 gms used for 5 ltr paint to insulate. & tailor made packing also available on demand. Keep Packing/container closed with a tight lid when not in use. Store in dry place.