Can Fullstop be applied by Spray?
Certainly ! It can be applied by spray with mixing ratio 1 part fullstop by volume liquid4 part powder by volume, & 2-3 part water by volume with specific nozzle which can spray high viscous materials!

Can it be applied on Exposed Surfaces?
Yes ! being UV resistant it can be applied on Exposed Substrates.

Can Fullstop be applied on wet surfaces?
Yes, it is ! but for the best result it is must to damp the surface to activate chemicals in fullstop before application. There should not be more water but dampness.

Is Fullstop available in other packing rather than 35 kgs?
35 kgs is general packing frequently available, If required for bulk quantity we can provide tailor-made packing for domestic & Export.

Can you provide MSDS for Fullstop?
Yes ! It is available on request by filling inquiry form.


Is Aqua-Clear Plus suitable for all kind of surfaces?
Yes ! our technical experts have tried on all types of surfaces used in the construction industries … like metal, wood ,ceramic, bricks, cementitious substrates, bitumen …etc. wonderful results!

Is it available in single pack or two pack?
Generally available P.U. are seen in two packs and solvent base, We have developed very unique single pack ready to use and water base!

Can it be applied on wet surfaces?
Yes ! being water base it can be applied on wet surfaces!


Can Dacosafe be applied on Interior Surfaces?
Though Dacosafe has been developed for Exterior properties, but if its finishes fullfills your requiremets it can be used as interior surfaces, trial must take before applications.

What type of sheds available for dacosafe ?
Dacosafe is available in White color, it can be tinted to required sheds, if specific shed require, you may request with specific quantity.

Can Dacosafe be applied with spray?
Yes !

Are tailor-made packings available ?
Available with your order of specific quantity.

Is Dacosafe useful in water tank and Swiming Pool?
Dacosafe is designed for only Exterior Surfaces, like walls, Whether Sheds etc, For under water requirements we suggest to apply “Fullstop” which is available in white & Gray color


Can Sologuard be applied under water Surfaces like water body?
Yes it can be !

What is Different between “Sologuard” & Aquatherm-Hw?
Physically “Sologuard is Two –Pack system “ which we suggest to apply on terrace or under water Surfaces Applications. Aquatherm-hw is a single pack system & we suggest it to Apply on Exterior or interior walls.


Is AQUATHERM a water proofing coating?
Yes ! But mainly used for vertical surfaces like walls or terraces & roofs ! But where hydrostatic pressure is too high, we recommend two coats of “ FULLSTOP prior to AQUATHERM-HW’s application.

How much energy money does AQUATHERM save?
Being a heat/cold insulating coating it saves up to 30% energy money & being a water proofing coating saves money of maintenance for very long period of time ! Enjoy “nasa technology at your home !!!!!

Let us know about packings?
Generally AQUATHERM-HW is available in 20 kgs. Packings ! But tailormade packings available upon request.


Can CrystoPlus be applied on both positive & Nagative side?
Yes, It is very unique Crystalline Process ! During the hydration Process of Concrete “Free limes” like calcium hydroxide occures which are water soluble, After aplication of “Crysto Plus” converts Soluble Free limes to insoluble niddle crystalls which blocks the porosity & capallary tracts !

Can “Crystoplus” be applied on bricks surfaces at nagative side?
“Crystoplus” can be applied on bricks ! but crystalline process works only on cementitious Products ! it will be effective only at mortar joint of bricks ! For brick walls we recomend our unique product “Fullstop” in combination with “Aqua-plug” .

Can “Crystoplus” be applied on wet surfaces?
Ofcource ! Substrate must be wet prior to application of “Crystoplus” because its unique Crystalline process works with the use of mosture it self.

What are te packing sizes of “Crystoplus”?
At present we provide 5kgs, 20 kgs & 30 kgs packs. Tailor made packings available upon request.


What is Aquasil?
Aquasil is a unique water base “water repellant”used for concrete, bricks, masonary walls, painted surfaces.

What is the color of dried Aquasil?
Aquasil has no color ! it is very clear and non-glossy, so without affacting substrates’ aesthatic appereance it repells water years of years!

What type of tools require to use “Aquasil”?
Aquasil can be qpplied with brush, & pressure pumps by spray , but for the best result we recommend manual agriculture pump with very law pressure.

Let us know the packings!
Aqua-sil is available in 5 kgs 10kg and 20 kg. packing, Tailor made packings also available apon request.

For any questions mail us on contact@yestchem.com