“High Range Water Reducer – Super Plasticizer”

AQUA PLAST is a highly effective to increase strength & durability of concrete. It is a Combination of Waterproofing & retarder which when added, reduces water requirement, bleed water & Shrinkage. which is resulted into multiple advantages. The increased Chemical activity provides internal curing & produces much denser concrete resulting highly impermeable concrete. These combined reactions produces waterproof concrete, & higher compressive strength with longer life for the structures.

aqua plast

AQUA PLASTis used Producing high strength , improving durability of concrete . bleed water & shrinkage. high workability property makes concrete & plaster crack-less.

Increases the initial & final setting time for better & longer concrete handling.
improves workability & flow properties without increasing water ( of concrete & plaster
Increases the slump even up to 180-200mm. without loss of final strength.
Increases ultimate strength without addition of cement content thus cost effective.
Enhance life of R.C.C. /Mortar by reducing water permeability thus it makes Water proof
up to some extent.

Mix 150 ml to 200 ml in to Water used for one cement bag of 50 Kg. Add this Admixed water in to a mechanical mixer. use 20% less than generally used during mixing time. For the best result mix concrete or plaster mortar more than 5-10 minutes.

AQUA PLAST is packaged in 5 / 10 / 20 Ltr. pack.