“Waterproofing Solution for
leaking china mosaic”

“Transparent water base PU coating”

‘AQUA-CLEAR PLUS’ is a single component, Water based P.U., clear coating which has an excellent exterior durability properties & Water Proof Exteriors of the buildings. Walls, Roof, Specially for Leakages through China-mosaic chips On curing it forms a Clear, Transparent, Hard, but flexible film, which resist water, dirt, dust & protect surface from severe weather effects.

aqua clear plus

‘AQUA-CLEAR PLUS’ is used as a Clear Coating to water proof the Exterior Walls as well leakages through China Mosaic. It has an Excellent properties of water , soap & detergent resistant. it can be applied to Sand Stones, Bricks, & textured masonry, e.g. Exposed bricks, Hollow Bricks, facades, walls, concrete, plasters, paints, etc.

Single component, ready to use.
Transparent, clear slightly glossy.
Resistant to Water, Soap and detergent.
Strong Adhesion on Concrete, Bricks, Stones, Plaster, Metal, Wood & Other Surfaces.
Resistant to degradation when exposed to heat & ageing.
Excellent Penetration in to concrete & masonry.
Excellent erosion resistance against wind and water pressure.
Sufficient abrasion resistant.
Excellent Durability.

‘AQUA-CLEAR PLUS’ is Polyurethane & blend of proprietary chemicals, available in free flowing solids and solution form. available in water base.

5 Lit. 20 Lit. 50 Lit, custom-made packing also available if required.