“Water Proofing with Crystalline Technology”

The CRYSTÔPLUS waterproofing system is the total and permanent solution to water leakage, , or seepage through concrete structures or any cementitious substrate. The formation and development of insoluble crystals into water bearing capillaries and blocks the further passage of water and ensures permanent water tightness for the life of the structure.


Supplied as a Gray-powder and mixed to a slurry consistency with water.CRYSTÔPLUS is applied directly to concrete, block work or cement renders in areas where general waterproofing is required. In powder form, the product may be used as a dry shake on horizontal construction joints.

• Water tanks • Towers • Bridge decks
• Jetties • Pontoons • Basements • Reservoirs
• Tunnels • Swimming pools • Inspection pits
• Water treatment works • Foundations • Dams
• Retaining walls • Canals • Lift shafts • Harbors
• Construction joints • Concrete pipes • Sea defense walls

Provides total and permanent waterproofing properties by becoming an integral part of the structure to which it is applied. Active ingredients will not delaminate, peel off or wear away.
Protects concrete and reinforcement against corrosive waterborne substances.
Crystalline action is reactivated by contact with water providing dormant additional protection.
Effective against both positive and negative water pressure.

The CRYSTÔPLUS consist of a blend of moisture activated chemicals, high grade silica aggregates and selected cements.

Mix 1 part of water to 2.25 – 2.5 parts CRYSTÔPLUS powder by volume. damp the surface & apply by brush.

Two coat slurry application:
CRYSTÔPLUS : 1kg per m² per coat.

The CRYSTÔPLUS are supplied in 5, 20, 30 Kgs. packs.